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Bucket list: Finally out again!

Bucket-List: Endlich wieder raus!

Sniff, sniff, ahhh! Do you smell it too? We definitely smell morning air! Forget the bathtub and the streaming series, and even the sofa can only be heard crying softly from loneliness, because: We can go out into the open air again!

Okay, when you look at it that way, it's not that spectacular. Most of us have been able to do that for the last few months. But there is one crucial difference: we no longer have to go for a walk all the time to keep halfway warm! We can now do a lot more outside again and that just feels good.

So let's do it like the Mediterraneaners and move our everyday life outside. Turn your home office into an outdoor office, instead of a living room workout, roll out your mat on the lawn and enjoy a drink with friends in between. Can you manage to tick off all the items on our bucket list by autumn? Challenge accepted!

  • Welcome the sun - with a morning yoga flow in the park.
    Tired of counting the dust fluff under your bed while you're " Downward facing dog"? Then take your sun salutations to a green space near you. Early in the morning you will meet a few joggers at most and otherwise have peace and quiet. The fresh air, the light and the beautiful morning atmosphere will sustainably raise your energy level. And the subsequent smoothie from the FLSK White Marble 500 ml will do the rest.

Frau macht Yoga

  • Throw on the grill with friends at the weekend and sit until it gets dark.
    The weather forecast says it's going to be a warm weekend? Perfect for a barbecue! Tip: Check beforehand whether you have enough charcoal, lighters, etc. in stock. It doesn't matter whether you're spending the evening at a public barbecue site or at home on the terrace: Beer or wine comes well chilled from the FLSK STNLS 750 ml. When it gets cold later, it's not just the girls who will be happy about a fluffy blanket and candles.

Balkon mit Tisch und Couch

  • Rent a convertible and go for a spin.
    A feeling of freedom, how did that go again? Best memory: a drive across country with the top down and your hair blowing. Accompanied by the finest road trip sound and strong black coffee from the FLSK BLCK 350 ml.

  • Get out your swimming trunks and discover a wild swimming spot near you.
    It's a great combination with the convertible drive: "Wild" swimming, meaning splashing, crawling and diving in natural bodies of water. There's sure to be a river or a hidden forest pond near you that's just waiting to be conquered. You should always have this with you: A large portion of respect for the sometimes unpredictable waters and the FLSK BRDX 1000 ml drinking bottle with a non-alcoholic soft drink.
  • Meet your friends at a special place in your city for an after-work drink.
    If you've had enough of virtual beers after work, you'll be looking forward to real-life company to give the day a proper send-off. Prepare the FLSK 750 Champagne at home with a drink from your home bar. Arrange to meet a handful of friends by the river or some other nice place to talk, be quiet, toast and people-watch.

Weingläser mit weißer Flasche

  • Open-air office: Move your meeting to the park.
    This point works whether your desk is in the office or at home. In the first case, you convince your colleagues to hold the team meeting in the green. The fresh air will put a fresh breeze in your mind! In the home office case, you pack your laptop (with hotspot for internet) or smartphone and let the lively, creative atmosphere in the park inspire you. The FLSK FRST 1000 serves refreshing water to go with it.

  • Have breakfast at the highest point of your city/region.
    For weeks we have had the first meal of the day at the kitchen table. Now it's time for a change: breakfast outside! And because it keeps you fit, we combine it with a workout. Find out which is the highest accessible point near you, pack your breakfast in the muki Roségold and enjoy the view.

Joghurt mit Beeren in muki Snackpot