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Stay hydrated at festivals

Hydriert bleiben auf Festivals

Finally wearing glitter sunglasses again. Finally stalk the line-up again instead of the news ticker about some catastrophe. Finally becoming one again with the surging, celebrating crowd. Finally dancing the whole night through again and then stumbling over tent pegs trying to find our way into the sleeping bag at dawn.

Nothing says “finally again” as much as festivals. Welcome back, dear festivals, we missed you!

FLSK: Festival without tetra pack.

Here in 2022 the festival vibe is unbroken, the rubber boots still fit and everything else is the same. Only one thing has changed: you've grown up a bit.

This is evident in your acute reluctance to sip vodka iced tea from tetra packs. And waking up the next day with a buzzing head. Suddenly having the fire department hold a water hose in your face just before you keel over from dehydration is no longer an option. We don't even want to talk about lukewarm, bland liquids from 1.5 liter PET bottles.

Are you too old for this shit now and would it be better to listen to your favorite bands from the sofa at home? Never! A small adjustment to your festival habits is enough to keep you hydrated and your mood at boiling point. For this you need the FLSK drinking bottle, preferably in the festival-friendly size 1000 ml.

Mud, beats and the FLSK drinking bottle.

The FLSK drinking bottle 1000 ml is your indispensable festival buddy. Because with it you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to drinking pleasure in the wonderland between the Dixi® toilet, stage and tent. You'll see: everything is even more fun with cool drinks from the FLSK!

This makes the FLSK drinking bottle the ideal festival companion:

  • No stress at the entrance: glass bottles are prohibited on the premises, the FLSK is unbreakable and therefore almost always allowed.

  • Suitable for the summer of the century: No matter how the sun burns, in the FLSK your drink stays cool for a day and a night. If you haven't finished drinking, it's your own fault.

  • Maintains composure: 1000 ml is ideal for attending a festival. The bottle remains light and handy and can be refilled again and again at the drinking water system on the festival site thanks to the large drinking opening.

  • Keeps you fit when others are weak: It's not so easy to remember to regularly replenish fluids with so many distractions. Cool water in pretty FLSK packaging motivates you to drink and allows you to last longer on strenuous, warm festival days.

  • It's just stylish: yes, it's a little dirty and yes, you sweat. But that doesn't mean you have to throw away your standards of style and aesthetics. The FLSK drinking bottle with its cool design is the icing on the cake for your festival outfit.

  • Tough: Festivals take their toll. But not from the FLSK drinking bottle! It's robust enough to be around for the band's 50th anniversary.

The next festival is definitely coming. So stop by our shop now and get your FLSK drinking bottle in your favorite color.