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Gift guide for the holidays.

Geschenke-Guide zum Fest

Gifts are one of those things. Actually, it's all about pure joy. For the recipient, but also for the giver. But between theory and reality, there are a lot of social conventions, insecurities and faux pas to avoid.

There is the "You don't have to give me anything" faction. Then there are the "we already have everything" couples. And - most dreaded of all - the "surprise me" jokers. Every year, gifts that are boring, embarrassing or simply superfluous end up under the fir tree.

Not with us! As dedicated Christmas fans, we at FLSK want to help you choose the perfect gift. One that is stylish, original and meaningful. Shining eyes included.

For coffee lovers.

Do you have a loved one on your gift list who is always on the move and absolutely addicted to coffee? Then he will be thrilled with the CUP black! Because with this innovative coffee-to-go cup, cappuccino and the like can be enjoyed on the go, spill-free and in style.

For sports fans.

Are you looking for a gift for your yoga-loving girlfriend or your power sports enthusiast colleague? The MDNGHT 1000 provides the necessary cooling after a sweaty session. The deep blue of the MDNGHT conveys mental strength and looks simply great between weights and training mats.

For style icons.

A bottle of wine is certainly a nice gift. But you can really delight trendsetters with the stylish WHTE 750. The simple white goes with any outfit and gives wine like water a visual upgrade.

For breakfast lovers.

If you like to stay up until the last second in the morning, you often don't have time for breakfast. In the muki snack pot, porridge, yogurt and co. can be perfectly prepared and easily taken along. The perfect gift for breakfast lovers who have little time in the morning.

For passionate hostesses.

Invited to the in-laws over the holidays? A great gift for the festive table is the Champagne 1000. In this thermo bottle, the sparkling wine stays cool all evening, no matter how many candles you light. The elegant shape exudes confidence and style.

For young parents.

You're on the right track with the Roségold 500. Because with this shimmering drinking bottle, you're giving away the one thing that young parents really need: Time. Baby milk can be easily prepared in the FLSK. When the chicks fledge, they can simply take the bottle with them to daycare.

For outdoor lovers.

Through the forest, to the summit and vertically through the wall: If you want to give a gift to an outdoorsman or an alpinist, we recommend the STNLS 750. Its robust body made of high-quality stainless steel can take on anything, even when conditions get rougher.

For the environmentally conscious.

Living sustainably is much more than a trend. With the CUP in the relaxed khaki color, you'll make everyone happy who values design and a clear conscience when it comes to coffee-to-go. Because it does matter whether another disposable cup ends up in the trash.

For individualists.

No person is perfect, but everyone is unique in their own way. With a personal engraving you underline the personality of the recipient. A dear wish, a greeting or simply the name - the possibilities are endless. Take a look around our store and choose a product in the desired color and size as the basis for the individual text.

Don't go crazy.

During the holiday season, we often rush from store to store or spend more time online than crafting with the kids. All just to end up with the "right" gift. In the process, we often forget that it's all about the love that a gift conveys. And it gets there. Always. So don't go crazy and enjoy the pre-Christmas season, which will hopefully be a bit more relaxed with our gift guide.

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