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Bewegt euch!

Bye, smelly gym! Bye-bye overheated swimming pool! Now in late summer and autumn is the perfect time to move your sports program outdoors.

The advantages are obvious: On the one hand, you get a large portion of light and air - urgently needed if your everyday life usually takes place in closed rooms.

On the other hand, exercising outside is simply more fun. It's a wonderful way to clear your head! The prospect of exercise outdoors motivates even the biggest coach potatoes.

We explain why exercise is so good for your body and how you can increase the positive effects by drinking properly.

This is what happens to your body when you exercise:

When jogging, rollerblading or swimming in the lake, not only do your worries disappear, but you also strengthen your body. This is exactly what happens:

  • Your heart beats faster, which trains the heart muscle.

  • All tissues and organs are better supplied with blood, as a result of which the body is supplied with more oxygen.

  • The circulation really gets going. The blood vessels can regulate themselves better.

  • The metabolism in the bones increases. This makes them denser and more stable.

  • The body cleanses itself: useless or toxic substances are excreted through sweat.

  • You produce more high density lipoprotein (HDL). This protein moves excess cholesterol from the arteries to the liver, reducing the risk of a stroke.

  • Exercising in the fresh air also has a positive effect on your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D boosts the immune system and your energy level.

          Drink properly while exercising – here’s how to do it:

          It's a truism: If you sweat a lot, you have to drink a lot. But when is the right time for this? And which drinks are suitable for outdoor athletes?

          In general, a fluid deficit reduces your physical and mental performance. Your legs get heavy and everything feels much, much more strenuous.

          The body tries to dissipate excess heat through sweat. However, if the water depots are empty, overheating occurs. This happens with a water loss of just 2% of your body weight (1.4 liters for a weight of 70 kg).

          So you see: drinking properly is extremely important for athletes, especially in the warm season. It ensures that you remain productive even under stress.

          You should pay attention to this:

          When temperatures are warm, the body uses more water. Therefore, always plan an extra portion of liquid when doing outdoor sports in summer.

          • Drink enough before exercising so that you start your session well hydrated.

          • Drink when you feel thirsty at the latest. If you know that you have a mild sense of thirst, let an app remind you at regular intervals.

          • Don't drink more than you lose from exercise. A “water belly” not only hinders your movement, but can also lead to a critical shortage of sodium.

          • Drink mineral water pure or mixed with fruit juice. If you sweat a lot, you can add some table salt (sodium) to your drinks.

          • Caution: Drinking quickly, especially ice-cold drinks, can cause gastrointestinal problems. It's better to drink small sips at a moderate temperature.

            Get outside – with the FLSK drinking bottle

            Whether on the tennis court, cycling or doing Pilates in the park: the FLSK drinking bottle is your reliable source of fluids during outdoor sports.

            The insulating function keeps your drinks at the same temperature for hours. This means you have a perfectly tempered sports drink on hand during or after your workout.

            Depending on the duration and intensity of your sports session, we recommend the FLSK drinking bottle in the 750 ml or 1000 ml version. You can find current colors in our shop . Take a look and motivate yourself to do sports with a ReNature FLSK drinking bottle!

            Source: German Institute for Sports Nutrition