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3 tips for New Year's Eve hosts

3 Tipps für Silvester-Gastgeber

The last night of the year is surrounded by a magical aura. Something old comes to an end, something new begins. Even if the big, lively celebrations have to wait a little longer - nobody wants to be alone on New Year's Eve. And so, it might happen that neighbours, friends or family pass by unexpectedly.
What you need now as a host are good ideas for a successful evening. Because on New Year's Eve things should be special. With a sparkling champagne bar, exciting conversations and an extensively celebrated New Year's Eve, the night's slide is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

1. Champagne bar: Let's pop those corks.

If the party takes place at your home, you are responsible for keeping the glasses full. Usually! This year you will surprise everyone with a brilliant idea: a champagne or prosecco bar packed with sparkling wine, botanicals, fruits, ice cubes, spirits, syrup and other special ingredients. It is the first port of call for all thirsty people and with its sophisticated look is guaranteed to be the main topic of the party talk. Guests can compose their own drinks according to their own ideas. This brings movement into the party and is absolutely stress-free for you. With just a few steps and accessories your champagne bar turns into a real eye-catcher.
Exciting small-talk.


2. Exciting small-talk.

After the first drink at the latest, everyone should start getting comfortable. But not too comfortable! Boredom being the number one mood killer often occurs during dull conversations. We are used to skipping topics that we think are sensitive. Even with good friends. In the long run this prevents real dialogue and exciting insights. 

You can dare to heat up the conversation a little. Ask your friend what he or she would immediately do if they were not afraid. Or ask your grandfather if he fancies kissing someone now and then. Of course, you don't want to embarrass any of your guests. Once the ice is broken, you'll be surprised how exciting a round table can be!

3. Making midnight the highlight.

New Year's Eve is all about that one moment when the clock strikes twelve. Our idea: For once let's not start rushing at five o'clock and spend twelve o'clock in the suburban train, on the toilet or in the kitchen. Instead, just follow our checklist:

Set the alarm clock. 

Around eleven o'clock, pass around sheets on which each guest can write a New Year's wish for himself or one of the other attendees. 

At eleven fourty, ask everyone to go outside and hand out confetti cannons or sparklers. 

Fill the FLSK drinking bottle with cold drinks early enough to toast with and take it outside with you. Alternatively, send everyone to the champagne bar one last time before you go out! 

An atmospheric song underlines the moment and accompanies the countdown. 

The wishes can then be handed out and/or burned in a fire. The grill on the balcony is also sufficient for this.


The whole FLSK team wishes you a relaxed, happy and healthy New Year!