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Picnic with FLSK

Picknick mit der FLSK Trinkflasche

Picnicking is one of the classic joys of summer. You make yourself comfortable with your loved ones on a blanket under the trees. Soft grass below you, the blue sky with fluffy clouds above you. And next to you: a basket full of goodies. All you have to do is stretch out your hand to provide yourself with the finest drinks and snacks... Ah, wonderful!

To ensure that your picnic is an enjoyable and stylish affair, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Simply follow our checklist and fill your picnic basket with our recipe recommendations.

The basic equipment for a picnic

For a successful breakfast you don't need many, but you need the right things:

  • A generous, waterproof-coated picnic blanket. After all, a wet bottom means the end of all fun.

  • Instead of heavy porcelain dishes or unaesthetic paper plates, we recommend ultra-light and stylish plates made of bamboo or melamine.

  • Proper cutlery and cloth napkins (no plastic, no paper – it makes a world of difference).

  • Trash bags and tea towel for leftovers and small mishaps.

  • FLSK drinking bottles that keep your drinks refreshingly cold until long after sunset, even without a cooler bag.

  • muki Snackpot, in which your snacks stay cool and crunchy, even when the sun is beating down.

          Recipe ideas for the picnic basket

          Food that is easy to eat and tastes good cold is particularly suitable for a picnic. Avoid anything that is crumbling, falling apart, or otherwise unstable. Otherwise, you can only feed the ducks with the dry sand cake.

          Perishable or melting foods that rely on a constant cold chain are also not very enjoyable. This primarily includes animal products, but also cream products and anything with chocolate.

          It's clear: lying around for a long time in warm temperatures is not good for a treat. It simply tastes better if you refrigerate your snacks until you're ready to eat them. You can do this with a cool box - or you can save yourself the effort and use the insulating muki snack pot.

          Picnic tips for the muki snack pot: Peanut butter banana bowl & vegan chocolate pudding with cherries

          When it comes to drinks, make sure you have a balanced mix of thirst quenchers such as water or juice spritzers and creative drinks (with or without alcohol) that are simply fun. Cooling is mandatory, so fill the refreshments into the FLSK drinking bottle for on the go.

          Picnic tips for the FLSK drinking bottle: Sweet Peach Basil & Pink Summer Dream

          The best places for your picnic: The green meadow in the park is of course the all-time favorite. But more creative event locations are also worthwhile. Possible places for a stylish picnic include boats, beaches, roof terraces, the lakeside jetty, forest clearings, public squares, monuments or the river steps.

          The upgrade : The surroundings of a picnic are just as important as the food. It's not just about getting full, but about experiencing something. A Bluetooth box, lanterns, cushions and decorative elements such as a cloth stretched in the trees or a garland help.