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What you can learn from professional footballers for your yoga practice

Was Du von Profi-Fußballer:innen für Deine Yoga-Praxis lernen kannst

During the World Cup or European Championships, all anyone talks about is moves, group stages and public viewing. Football everywhere you look. No wonder you are already longing for a break. What better place for a break than your yoga studio? Close the door, light the candles. As you unroll your yoga mat, the hustle and bustle of everyday life falls away from you. But wait a minute! Before you sink into your meditation, take a look at the stars chasing the famous ball. There are a few things you can learn from them for your yoga practice. You don't have to be a big football fan. Promise!

Practice your asanas in the bathtub

No football team without a mental coach. He/she shows the team that their body is important, but the mind has to play a part in the decisive moment. During the game, even the most experienced players are under enormous pressure. That's why professional footballers go over their techniques and sequences in their heads until they run automatically even when they're under pressure. The trick is that the brain cannot distinguish whether something is happening in reality or only in the imagination. You can use mental training wonderfully for your asanas. Is there a flow that you always get out of? A posture that you just can't get right? Train it - but in your mind! This is super practical, because you can do it anywhere. For example, while you are lying relaxed in the bathtub.

Be mindful in the moment

A professional player looking for a friend in the stands during a match? Or quickly checking his mobile phone? Unthinkable. Everything that is unimportant for the current task is blocked out. Observe yourself during your next yoga session. Where are your thoughts? Perhaps you know this: Inhale. Exhale. Have I actually done the dishes yet? Breathe in. Oh crap, and I wanted to take some bread with me. Exhale. Losing focus too often hurts your flow. For more relaxation and ease in yoga, stay mindful of what you are doing. If you need a charming reminder, a thin band on your wrist can work wonders. It looks pretty and makes you happy!

Take good care of yourself

After the final whistle, a veritable horde of physiotherapists, nutritionists, doctors and coaches descend on the tired players. Of course, they are literally valuable and should be able to perform again soon. Take this as an opportunity to ask yourself: How valuable are you to yourself? Do you take good care of yourself before and after sport? If you set high standards for yourself, you can also pamper yourself. That is balm for body and soul. If your body hurts in one place, pay attention to it. A massage for unpleasant tension or regular medical check-ups are also part of it. It is very important that you drink enough after your yoga session. A useful accessory for your yoga bag is the FLSK water bottle. It is not only beautifully designed, but also spreads good vibes with its sustainable nature.

Perfect for this.