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Drink properly on the ski tour – with the FLSK drinking bottle

Richtig Trinken auf der Skitour – mit der FLSK Trinkflasche

Anyone who goes on a ski tour chooses untouched nature instead of built-up mountains, open space instead of busy pistes and deep snow instead of bulldozers. Ski touring, you could say, is skiing for individualists and a real trend sport.

Instead of getting into the lift, ski tourers rely on their own muscle strength. Skins or other aids are attached under the special touring skis to prevent the boards from slipping back when ascending. In this way you “work out” your descent through powder that is as untracked as possible.

High fluid requirements during ski touring

Sounds sweaty? It is! When ski touring you lose large amounts of fluid. However, you hardly notice it: sweat dries faster in the cold air, so you feel like you're sweating less. In addition, your body signals to you that it is less thirsty when the outside temperature is cool than when it is hot.

There are also other reasons why ski tourers are often slightly dehydrated:

  • Sportswear absorbs sweat unnoticed

  • Route guidance and nature distract from thirst

  • The bottle is stored deep in the backpack

  • The drink is too cold and therefore unpleasant to drink

  • There is no comfortable rest area

  • When you stop, your body cools down quickly

Ski tour? Be sure to drink regularly!

Even if these are understandable reasons - you urgently need regular replenishment of fluids on a ski tour. It's best to take a few sips every 15 minutes. If you neglect drinking, your performance and ability to concentrate will decrease. Muscle cramps, exhaustion and dizziness can result.

This is particularly fatal when ski touring, because at the end of the ascent comes the descent. So that you get back down safely, your body now needs maximum focus and strength. Therefore, drink sooner rather than later and definitely before you get thirsty. This is how you avoid dehydration on the ski tour.

What to drink on a ski tour?

When you sweat, you not only lose water, but also important minerals. Therefore, a good sports drink should supply these back to the body. In addition, your organism is happy about a few additional carbohydrates, for example in the form of fructose.

It's best to pack water with a small amount of fruit juice, seasoned with a little salt. You can also dissolve an isotonic sports powder with minerals in water or spritzer. Lightly sweetened, warm tea is also an optimal source of warmth and fluids for a short break in the snow.

What you should avoid are caffeinated and high sugar drinks, as well as alcohol. Coffee, lemonades and soft drinks as well as beer and (mulled) wine are therefore not suitable for the ski tour.

5 reasons to take the FLSK drinking bottle with you on a ski tour

Keeps your drink warm: 18 hours of hot tea? Only the FLSK drinking bottle can do that. Thanks to VICC® technology, liquids stay warm throughout a whole day of winter sports.

Don't worry about bumps: the robust FLSK drinking bottle can take a lot of punishment. Collisions with stones or asphalt do not affect their function.

Not too heavy: Many thermal bottles weigh so much that you definitely don't want to lug them up a mountain in your backpack. The FLSK, on ​​the other hand, with its lightweight construction, is not an unnecessary burden on ski tours.

Absolutely tight: every drop counts on the mountain. The FLSK drinking bottle is therefore equipped with a particularly tight lid and does not leak.

Ready to hand and yet not frozen: Your bottle should be easily accessible to you. However, liquids quickly become ice cold in the outer mesh of the backpack. Not so with the FLSK drinking bottle. It is perfectly insulated and not only keeps your drink within easy reach, but also at a pleasant temperature.

Stop by the shop now and get your FLSK drinking bottle for your next ski tour.