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Let yourself be pampered at home with the FLSK

Zuhause verwöhnen lassen mit der FLSK

Home is where your heart is: at home with the FLSK drinking bottle.

Everyone knows this moment. Coming home. shoes off. Breathe. Arrive. Your home is a sacred place. Only people and things that are really good for you are allowed in here. Just like the FLSK drinking bottle. It makes your life easier, whether you're expecting guests or getting ready for a dreamy evening on the sofa.

Water carafe, wine cooler, tea dispenser, coffee pot - the FLSK is many things. Just not ugly. With its modern design and timeless design language, it fits into any interior. You can place them on the festive table at home or place them under the garland in the garden at a summer party. The FLSK simply has style.

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Home game for the FLSK drinking bottle.

There are many reasons to clear a place in the kitchen cupboard at home for the FLSK drinking bottle. Here are the most important highlights:

  1. Function : The FLSK drinking bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 18 hours. What other bottle can claim that?

  2. Design : Forget what you know about thermal bottles. The FLSK insulated bottle looks good and is available in many great colors to match your interior.

  3. Reliability : The precisely fitting lid keeps liquid where it belongs in the bottle. Even if you shake the insulated bottle. Even with carbon dioxide.

  4. Sustainability : With the FLSK you make an important contribution to an intact environment. The drinking bottle is sustainably produced, is extremely durable and replaces many thousands of plastic bottles.

  5. Safety : The FLSK drinking bottle made of high-quality stainless steel does not release any plasticizers, is unbreakable and can be easily cleaned with water.

It's most beautiful at home.

Okay, we admit it: At home it's rarely particularly far to the fridge or coffee machine. Which doesn't mean that you want to go down this path all the time. If you relax on your balcony in summer, you won't have to worry about the white wine getting warm thanks to the FLSK drinking bottle. And what a luxury it is to disappear under the covers at home alone or with your loved ones on a rainy Sunday afternoon - and never get up again. Because the FLSK drinking bottle is waiting for you with enough tea, coffee or hot chocolate and keeps these delicacies at temperature - until the next morning.

Nice that you are here.

Have you invited people to a big spaghetti dinner or an elegant cocktail party? Guests enrich your life and your own four walls. In order for everyone to feel comfortable, you need one thing above all: relaxed hosts. Nothing could be easier than that. Before your friends show up at the door, simply pour water, wine and Prosecco into the FLSK drinking bottles. This is a real eye-catcher on the dining table. Conveniently, the drinks in the FLSK stay fresh, sparkling and cold all evening long. And you have your head free for lively conversations. Our tip for trend-conscious people: The White Marble in an elegant marble look.

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Perfect for this.