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Hello, cleaning beads 2.0

Effektive Reinigung mit den neuen FLSK Reinigungsperlen 2.0

Wohoo! We're super excited because we have something new for you: sparkling, fantastically packaged, and even more practical cleaning pearls for the FLSK drinking bottle and other vessels with narrow openings. Want to know what the latest FLSK cleaning pearls can do and why they're the perfect gift? We'll tell you.



Cleaning pearls: A sustainable success story

In May 2017, we launched the original version of the FLSK cleaning pearls. The idea is as simple as it is effective: Add the cleaning pearls to your FLSK bottle with some water and swirl them in a circular motion. Your drinking bottle will be free of deposits from coffee, tea, or other beverages. You can also use the pearls to clean decanters, carafes, vases, etc.

No dish soap is needed, and they're infinitely reusable—a sustainable solution. Naturally, both we and the entire FLSK community celebrate these cleaning pearls! Over the years, we've gathered everyone's experiences with these little cleaning wonders. Thanks to feedback from customers like you, six years after their introduction, we were able to develop a new version of the cleaning pearls that better meets your needs.


What's new with the cleaning pearls 2.0?

In May 2022, we gathered all the wishes of our community, along with market research findings, and started the design process. Johnny, our long-time production partner in Taiwan, helped us further refine and implement the product.


The result makes us proud. The new FLSK cleaning pearls can do everything their predecessors could—and even more:

  • Intuitive use: The container is larger and has a functional handle, making it easier to handle and wonderfully intuitive.

  • Stress-free filling: The new filling aid lets you pour the stainless steel pearls into the bottle in one smooth motion. No more pearls rattling around.

  • Grip even when wet: The container is so grippy that you can open it even with wet hands.

  • Innovative sieve: After cleaning, pour the pearls back into the container. The integrated sieve quickly drains the water without leaving residues, and the stainless steel pearls stay dry.

  • Made from recycled material: Except for the transparent lid, the container is made of recycled plastic. The application and the product itself are much more sustainable.


Impactful (gift) packaging

As you know, design is super important to us. That's why not only does the product itself look minimalist and elegant, but the packaging for the cleaning pearls does too. It looks just as great on the kitchen counter as it does when giving it as a gift! The packaging features an artistic die-cut pattern that matches the sieve and offers a view of the stainless steel pearls. The packaging is made of FSC-certified cardboard, and we ensured it could be stacked well for transport to our retail partners, saving space and resources.


As long as better is possible, good isn't enough

Were the first cleaning pearls good? Definitely. Are the new FLSK cleaning pearls better? Oh yes! Over a year of planning, discussing, designing, and producing was worth it. Early feedback from FLSK fans confirms that no one can resist the "new" version. They clean FLSK drinking bottles in no time, and it's even more fun.

Now we can't wait to hear your opinion: What do you think of the new cleaning pearls?

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