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5 facts about environmentally friendly drinking

5 Fakten zum umweltfreundlichen Trinken

You sit at the window and stare out at the rain. It looks like the sky is trying to drown the earth. At this moment it seems surreal, but unfortunately it's true: water is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity on our planet. Is the old pub saying “Save water, drink beer!” ultimately justified?

Joking aside. When it comes to the topic of sustainability in everyday life, water is a powerful adjustment screw: we need 2 to 3 liters of it a day - there is no way around it. It's worth taking a closer look: We clarify what constitutes environmentally friendly drinking and give you tips for your daily refreshment.

Between 6 and 20 liters of water are used to produce one liter of water.

This fact mercilessly shows that water sometimes falls from the sky, but it is also an industrial product. We can buy it in the supermarket and consume it. So it has to be produced: water is pumped from the source, bottled, packed in boxes or in plastic and transported to the point of sale. That costs: time and work, negative points on the CO 2 balance (203 grams of CO 2 per liter of bottled water) and resources such as water.

Tap water has the lowest CO 2 emissions.

Tap water is one of the most climate-friendly consumer goods in the world. It does not require energy-intensive transport routes and therefore saves resources. One liter of tap water produces only 0.35 grams of CO2 . If everyone drank tap water, we would be a lot closer to our climate goals.

A liter of tap water costs you less than a cent.

There are many waters: particularly soft ones, particularly rich in minerals, those with supposed healing properties, from special spring areas and from popular brands. It's amazing how much money you can pay for a case of water! If you just want to quench your thirst in an environmentally friendly way, you don't need to spend a lot of money. Tap water is very cheap and always available.

Your own refillable drinking bottle replaces many disposable bottles.

Disposable plastic bottles pollute the environment to an almost criminal extent. It is easy to do without them. First step: Get your own reusable drinking bottle. At FLSK you will find a large selection . Step Two: Make it a habit to hold her close to your side. Then you always know who to turn to for a cool sip of water.

Drinking sustainably is sexy - tips for enjoying water better

  • Drink tap water from reusable containers: Individual carafes, glasses and refillable bottles like the FLSK drinking bottle are not only sustainable, but also emphasize your personality.

  • Get a soda maker: Carrying boxes takes time and is tiring. Better start your own sparkling water production.

  • Tap water for free on the go with the FLSK drinking bottle: the best, cheapest and most environmentally friendly idea in areas with drinkable tap water

  • Buy local bottled water: This is where the negative effects of transportation are lowest. And your local supplier is happy about your support.

  • Evaluate tap water: Infused water, i.e. tap water flavored with fruits, vegetables or herbs, fights boredom in a glass.

  • Avoid plastic bottles: they are ugly, unhealthy and “indigestible” waste for the planet. Still questions?

Sources: Council for Sustainable Development , NABU Nature Conservation Association Germany