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The FLSK in sugar cane paper

Die FLSK im Zuckerrohrpapier

You take the tube box of your FLSK order out of the carton in amazement. You've treated yourself to a product from our Next Gen line, but you didn't expect this packaging: Fresh, chic design. Somehow more modern, more reduced. And how it feels under your fingertips!

The packaging of the Next Gen differs not only in terms of appearance and feel, but also in terms of sustainability. Instead of the previous FSC Mix cardboard, we now use 100% tree-free material made of sugar cane paper.

Why is sugar cane paper sustainable?

Sugarcane paper is currently considered one of the most sustainable materials on the market. It comes from Colombia and is based on the cellulose contained in sugar cane. Learn here what makes the fiber an environmentally friendly alternative.

  • sugar cane fibers are a waste product of sugar production: Instead of disposing the fibers, they are upcycled for the sugarcane - no extra acreage is needed

  • Every fifth tree is cut down for the paper industry: No tree has to die for our packaging. This reduces the clearing of forests - our important CO₂ reservoirs. Instead of growing back in nine long years like a eucalyptus tree, for example, a sugar cane grows back in 13 months. It is therefore considered a rapidly renewable resource.

  • Recycling allows us to use raw materials in cycles: You can recycle sugar cane paper normally via the waste paper. In this way, there is no unnecessary waste.

Incidentally, most tree-based paper grades also come to us from faraway countries. Our European forestry industry has long been unable to meet the demand for paper.

Sweet! Facts about FLSK Next Gen packaging made from sugar cane paper 

  • Exclusive packaging for Next Gen: We supply you with the FLSK drinking bottles and CUP to go tumblers from the Essential Series and the ReNature Series in the sustainable sugar cane paper sleeve.

  • Without optical brighteners or bleaching chemicals: We leave the sugarcane paper we use natural colored, which saves 12.6% energy and 13% water compared to bleached sugarcane paper.

  • GMO free sugar cane: Our sugarcane paper comes from the Cauca Valley in southwestern Colombia and is produced locally from genetically unmodified sugarcane.

    A packaging that is noble and sustainable at the same time? See for yourself - click here for the Next Gen products in the FLSK online store.