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6 reasons for FLSK Next Gen

6 Gründe für die FLSK Next Gen

At FLSK, we share a common passion: we love to move. Of course, our products have to keep up! That's why we've raised the bar on our high quality standards once again and further developed our to-go assortment for you. Find out here why the products of the Next Gen can easily compete with you and your energetic everyday life.

1. The coating is durable above average

The absolute highlight of the Next Gen FLSK drinking bottles and CUP to go tumblers is the new, revolutionary robust coating made in Germany. So you can enjoy your drinks worry-free with a consistently like-new look - there are no scratches or scuffs on the surface of the vessels.

2. Next Gen products are dishwasher-proof

The Next Gen coating simplifies the cleaning of the products: You can clean the Next Gen products together with the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher. This not only saves you water, but also an extra step.

3. With the Next Gen you make a sustainable decision

We not only want to offer you high-quality and innovative products, but also take responsibility for the environment. With the Next Gen, we have taken a significant step in this direction. Durability is a key aspect of sustainability for us. The Next Gen will look good for many years. And if you use your FLSK products for many years, it's a feast for the environment!

4. The Next Gen is tree free packed

We deliberately chose a tree-free solution for the packaging of the Next Gen line, namely sugar cane paper. This material is a by-product of sugar production in Colombia that would otherwise be burned and release CO₂. By processing it regionally in Vorarlberg, we are setting new standards in sustainability.

5. Continue your collection without color differences

Already have a favorite black or white FLSK item? With the Next Gen products in black and white you can continue your collection visually seamless: No color differences are visible with the new powder coating.

6. Next Gen ReNature brings fresh colors and shimmering ceramic coating

The Next Gen ReNature series is a colorful homage to the four elements of water, air, fire and earth. We have finished them with a ceramic coating. This is also extremely resistant and also has a beautiful look and feel. The colors shimmer and convince with a soft feel that conveys natural elegance.

Are you curious? Get the Next Gen now in our online store.