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muki snack pot

Unser muki Snackpot hat das Sortiment verlassen und
Platz für neue einzigartige FLSK Produkte geschaffen.

2 separate containers

2 separate containers

100% leakproof

keeps your snacks cool

made of stainless steel

The snack pot that can do more

The muki is the high-quality alternative to the plastic snack box. The stainless steel snack pot keeps the perfect snack ready at all times and looks simply elegant. Thanks to the proven VICC® technology, the ingredients stay cool in the muki pot, perfect for up to 300 ml of milk or yogurt. And the muki Top holds 250 ml of muesli, toppings or fruit. The two individually sealable containers keep everything fresh and crisp. The muki is the snack pot that can do more.

Awarded design

The muki offers even more than the innovative VICC®-Technology that secures outstanding isolation performance. When we created our snack pot, we put all of our energy in the muki's design. And it pays off: the muki snack pot was awarded four times for its extraordinary design.

Here you can read what makes the muki-design so special.